Friday, January 9, 2009

Visions of Love in 2009

There is so much to be excited about in the coming months at ArtisTree Studio!

"Loving Expressions"
Start off the year by creating a lifetime memento for a loved one expressed in a mixed media work of art. Build your vision of this 'Heart & Soul' piece with Nancy's expert guidance for the price of $95.00
There is also the opportunity to have Nancy create a signature work of art customized to you and/or your loved one's personal qualities and characteristics starting at $150.00

February is a special month for ArtisTree, as we are all about helping the world to see and experience all the love that can be found within and without of every individual. Love does not need two to be created, only the open heart of one.
Many have already chosen to open their hearts by participating in our Winged Heart challenge (mentioned in the previous entry) and with over 35 artists signed up the results should be fabulous! Even if the challenge is not for you, we are also accepting any entries that focus on the theme of love and St. Valentine.
We must have all eligible entries by February 1st!
The competition will be judged by Nancy Nelson on February 5th to determine which submissions will be displayed in ArtisTree and artists will be contacted promptly to relay these decisions.
The prices of the pieces that will show will be set by ArtisTree and the respective artist.
20% of the proceeds will go to Angel Kiss Foundation, 40% to the Artist, and 40% to ArtisTree Studio Inc. The Angel Kiss Foundation is a local organization that provides financial assistance to families of children with cancer. For more information on this wonderful organization please visit their web site at
If the item does not sell, ArtisTree will return the piece to the artist, or may offer to buy the piece outright.
ArtisTree Studio Inc. has the right to use any images of entries and the event for future posterity.
We would like to thank all the artists who have come forth to celebrate and share their love and encourage everyone else to do so as well.