Monday, July 27, 2009

ThE fasciNatIng StorY of tHe BroWN FlorAL swEaTER iN ThE thriFt stORe

Lilli Moffit is a hatter but as well, sews and crafts other deliciously creative things. Take for instance, the above purse made from an old brown sweater purchased at a local thrift store. Beautiful isn't it? The price is right too, $35 (Lilli Moffit Custom Hats, 775-742-5700).

How clever of Lilli Moffit to re-invent something and give it new life and purpose.

Last Saturday, Lilli and her friend, Caroline Rhuys (Sweet Caroline Design), shared a space and displayed their goods at ArtisTree's Bohemian Bazaar & Marketplace.

A customer took notice of the brown floral purse. Interestingly, she had, at one time, owned a sweater made from the same fabric and design as Lilli's purse. The sweater had been an expensive gift from a very nice man.

But that was long ago. The man was no longer in her life and she had donated the sweater to a local thrift store.

Uh-huh. You are so right.

Same sweater. Same thrift store.

What are the chances.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

iT waS hoT ouT...So wE SHoPpEd & dRaNK GypSY LeMoNADE

Our First Annual Bohemian Bazaar & Marketplace was alot of fun.

What could be better than perusing French antiques (Mary Louise), vintage jewelry (we love The Vintage Empire by Adrienne Miniero), hand-crafted hats (Lilli Moffit is an amazing milliner), up-cycled clothing (very cool stuff by Sweet Caroline Design, Caroline A. Rhuys) . Making paper flowers (dipped in glitter, no less), having an angel card reading by Joanna Manfredonia, imbibing in gypsy lemonade (our own concoction, spiked or not, of course we gave you the choice) and having our portrait sketched for $10. Underneath colorful bohemian tents draped with soft breezy fabrics.

Ahhhh, the gypsy life. It's not necessarily an easy life (no way), we worked hard setting up and it was pretty hot outside (upper 90's)...but I must say, I am really, truly pleased with how I look in my $10 pencil sketch. Not bad at all.

Remind me to tell you the story about the sweater and the thrift store. Amazing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cuki! Cuki!

Iva Wilcox is affectionately called "Cuki" by her mother. Cuki means "sugar" in Serbian.

Iva taught our Buzz About Beeswax class tonight. The studio smelled delicious (beeswax has natural aromatherapy benefits) and the crew got to creating.

We are enamored with Cuki...what a talented woman. Sweet as sugar.

ToNighT WaS a RouSing SucCess. ThaNkYou CUki

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LoTs Of ThouGhTs

Nathalie painted this sweet jar for a customer.

Busy preparing for our First Annual Bohemian Bazaar & Marketplace this Saturday, July 25, on the lawn outside ArtisTree. Joanna Manfredonia, Angel Card Reader, will be in attendance as well as lots of fabulous local artists selling their wares. They'll be wine, music and flea market antiques, Burning Man Tiaras (and kits)...sign up for a Tiara Class, a guaranteed blast. We even booked a fabulous sketch artist (street portraits, $10. How cool is that?)

We are both excited and pleased to host renowned California artist, Iva Wilcox (vintage-style fancies),, tomorrow evening (Thursday, July 23) in-studio. In collaboration with ArtTown, Iva will be sharing her creative genius (The Buzz About Beeswax) with 10 ArtisTree included.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AlexIS SChneideR, OnE winG studIO, sILk scarVes

We first saw One Wing Studio in Las Vegas. Immediately fell for their fabulous hand-dyed silk scarves. We placed an order and sold out in a matter of days. This time, we planned ahead and ordered extra. You're gonna love them. Perfectly casual for summer tanks and tees.

OdE tO An EmpTy bottlE of my faVoriTe PerfUMe

I miss you, my Petite Cherie. Adieu.

Monday, July 20, 2009

SoMe of tHE FiNDs yOu'Ll FInD aT THe boHeMiaN BaZaAr & MaRKetPlACE

Mouth-watering good finds. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Saturday, July 25, on the lawn outside our boutique studio.

RoMANtiC GypsY CarAVAns

We're readying ourselves for our Bohemian Bazaar & Marketplace, this Saturday, July 25, on the lawn outside the ArtisTree Studio Boutique & Gallery. Come shop our French flea market, drink good wine, listen to music, craft a bohemian tiara and have your cards read by Joanna Manfredonia, Angel Card Reader Extraordinaire. In the spirit of our upcoming celebration, we wanted to share with you, the above photographs of a gyspy caravan. Dreamy.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Inspiration always seems to strike whilst I should be doing something else. I made this necklace from old beads, leather cord and Mary medals. There was no game thought or expectation of an out was just occurred.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GiRLs JusT WaNNa Have FuN

Yesterday was Sally McGrew's birthday. Sally's friends, Ginny Carano and Jeaneene Whistler threw her a Tiara Making Party in the ArtisTree studio.

The results astounded everyone...Wow. Over-the-top, impressively, fabulous adornments.

The girls had a blast! Ate some Chinese take-out, had some chocolate dipped strawberries (fashioned into smart little tuxedos, no less) and drank good wine.

Monday, July 13, 2009

First Time For Everything

We made two new friends today. This was their first time in our store and they came on a check out the antique button rings by Linda Wright.

ArtisTree does Reno Style TV

And we had a blast doing it. Burning Man is fast approaching and so ArtisTree did a quick 1,2,3 tutorial on how to assemble your own Burning Man Tiara (Burning Man ettiquette, no glitter or small feathers on the playa).

Jessica Schneider (hostess extraordinaire) put us right at ease and made filming the segment a breeze. We can't wait to do it again. We've got the TV bug.

Stop in and see us, we'll help you create an inspired tiara. It's what we do.

Check out the show at