Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I can not believe where the time goes!!!

It is FEBRUARY 22 2011...Where has the time gone so much has been going on ...moved my daughter back to Reno..enrolled in UNR..set her up to live with her sister...Happy she is safe and sound...We had to remove her from UOP ...over  a robbery and shooting...She is now safer being back at home in Reno for now!!

I had two shows in February back to back ..a trunk show at the NMA which I will post a mini movie of..and then the next night at RYERIES ..both shows did very well and was happy with the results...also happy to clean my studio now..I couldn't even fine one clear spot..cornered myself in ..I almost couldn't get out!!  Ruth Rae was here for my show...we had such a blast..she told me get rid of my mini soo cute love seat in my studio...so with great sadness I did !  but, wow what a difference..I actually have room to walk around..anyway as you all know once you you move one thing ...its a total redo!  Check out the before afters...I am now working on my Irish felted pins..which I am enjoying... must be the HALF IRISH IN ME...MY MOTHER NAME IS  MARGRET ANNE CATHERINE MC MANAMIN


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