Monday, June 16, 2008


Daily Classes are from 11:00am-4:00pm these are classes where you can come in groups or by yourself if you just need some art therapy time

Workshops start at $25.00 & up depending on supplies.
Store hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00am-6:00pm

The fallowing daily classes are:

Personalized Journals
Journals hold our hopes, dreams, desires, secrets, and life time experiences. So why not design a journal that shows off who you are as a person. Use our beautiful selection of paper, ink, ribbons, and all the extra goodies that Artistree will supply for you. Bring any personal memntos for your own personal touch.

Wool La La
For little girls or big girls... This workshop is creating your own designer "Bangle & Felt Ring". Bring in your own special charms , beads, ribbons, or the "Artistree's" and make something one of a kind.

Paper Art & Fabric Art
Let our beautiful & unique papers alter your old book into a new keepsake. Bring in an old book, copies of photos, & and any mementos you'd like to use. We will work with wonderful ribbons, glitter, flowers, trims and all kinds of ephemera to embellish your new keepsake. The imagination is unlimited to the tings we can do with paper and fabric paper in our art studio so, please for more ideas...

"Angel" Arts
Angel art. Well, we all know this is one of my passions and inspirations behind "Artistree". This workshop can be done with metal, wood, jewelry, paper or any combination that will help you create your own guardian angel or a guardian angel for that special person in your life that you want that "Angel" to look after... you're welcome to bring Any special mementos or photos to add that special connection to your "Angel".
This is also my "art therapy"

Vintage Jewelry
Create a unique, one of a kind bracelet or necklace with our beads, charms, gems, metals, lace, ribbons, and trim. We will be using jump rings, wire wraps, and links. Again you are welcome to bring a piece of your own special "old" jewelry or mementos and charms to give it, it's own personal uniqueness. Also a great gift idea or a group workshop.

Coming soon "Wine down with art Wednesdays"
This will include wine tasting with local wineries and a workshop of your choice, or mine if you're not sure what you w ant to create.

Altered Cigar Box
This workshop is for that junk drawer full of things that you can't seem to throw away or know what to do with? Gather it all up and bring it in and will mix it up into something worthy of hanging or displaying all with just the touch of an old vintage cigar box and our unique assortment of supplies.

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