Friday, July 11, 2008

Down the Rabbit hole..

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland..? well what if you could find out. What if for a few hours you could be transported to a land of wonder, mystery, and silliness. Where everything was what it wasn't and what wasn't was what it is...? Well at the Artistree we can do that. Our Birthday parties are a magical adventure into Wonderland. For all ages. We set up an authentic Indie Tent where inside we decorate it with quite an emphases on detail to look just like the madhattters Tea Party. You are escorted into this magical adventure by the Mad Hatter Her self.. and a very pretty Alice. The Art projects and games are themed to suit the Alice in Wonderland party. We enjoy being creative and love seeing the smiles on the faces of the children when they see us.


Cyndi said...

Oh, I feel so lucky that your store is here! I just found you yesterday, and I am so excited! I only had a few minutes to spend in your enchanting shop, so I'm anxious to go back when I have more time. I definitely want to buy the chandelier kit and I want to sign up for a class or two (I'm thinking I need an angel in my life!). It was very nice meeting you Nancy, and I'll see you soon!

sparkle jars said...

We enjoyed visiting your shop this afternoon. I wrote a post about our visit today (see Field Trip!).
Thank you for your kindness.