Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A never ending Adventure.

Artistree is always magical. There is never a day that i walk into the store and find my self wondering what to do. I simply look around and find myself staring at all of the endless possibilities of imagination that can occur in this store. From arts crafts to simply looking at the deeper meaning of all of the brilliant art that surrounds the store. Artistree holds it all, but in truth it brings more. It brings the people of Reno. When i say the people of Reno i mean that it brings all sorts of different kinds of characters. From the curious on lookers to the shy artists, there's always interesting people. Its because of this store that i had the privilege to met one of the most beautiful souls that i have ever come across. It was a Blistering hot day, the store was quite, we hadn't had that many people in, when we saw a women pull up and help an elderly women out of the car. She came into the store and immediately her eyes darted from left to right up and down at the many things to look at, she complimented our diversity and uniqueness, as well as our creativity. After a few minutes looking around the store my mother started to talk to her. She soon found out that this elderly women use to be a wonderful water color painter but her age had stoped her because she had a problem with shaking. Immediately my mother told her that she could help, and in about five minutes my mother was having her painting again. Its hard to say exactly what my mom did, but it was simple she showed her that the artistic candle that burned inside this women hadn't gone out but had simply dimmed itself for a little while. It was so beautiful witnessing someone being so happy, and watching someone find something that they thought they had lost forever. It was at this moment that i found out that the Artistree is a simply magical store of endless possibilities...
~The Tree Blogger

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