Monday, July 27, 2009

ThE fasciNatIng StorY of tHe BroWN FlorAL swEaTER iN ThE thriFt stORe

Lilli Moffit is a hatter but as well, sews and crafts other deliciously creative things. Take for instance, the above purse made from an old brown sweater purchased at a local thrift store. Beautiful isn't it? The price is right too, $35 (Lilli Moffit Custom Hats, 775-742-5700).

How clever of Lilli Moffit to re-invent something and give it new life and purpose.

Last Saturday, Lilli and her friend, Caroline Rhuys (Sweet Caroline Design), shared a space and displayed their goods at ArtisTree's Bohemian Bazaar & Marketplace.

A customer took notice of the brown floral purse. Interestingly, she had, at one time, owned a sweater made from the same fabric and design as Lilli's purse. The sweater had been an expensive gift from a very nice man.

But that was long ago. The man was no longer in her life and she had donated the sweater to a local thrift store.

Uh-huh. You are so right.

Same sweater. Same thrift store.

What are the chances.


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