Sunday, July 26, 2009

iT waS hoT ouT...So wE SHoPpEd & dRaNK GypSY LeMoNADE

Our First Annual Bohemian Bazaar & Marketplace was alot of fun.

What could be better than perusing French antiques (Mary Louise), vintage jewelry (we love The Vintage Empire by Adrienne Miniero), hand-crafted hats (Lilli Moffit is an amazing milliner), up-cycled clothing (very cool stuff by Sweet Caroline Design, Caroline A. Rhuys) . Making paper flowers (dipped in glitter, no less), having an angel card reading by Joanna Manfredonia, imbibing in gypsy lemonade (our own concoction, spiked or not, of course we gave you the choice) and having our portrait sketched for $10. Underneath colorful bohemian tents draped with soft breezy fabrics.

Ahhhh, the gypsy life. It's not necessarily an easy life (no way), we worked hard setting up and it was pretty hot outside (upper 90's)...but I must say, I am really, truly pleased with how I look in my $10 pencil sketch. Not bad at all.

Remind me to tell you the story about the sweater and the thrift store. Amazing.

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